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Why Medical Screening Saves Lives!

Health Screening can help save lives and prevent disability...

Find out how screening can save lives

Want to prevent a stroke or heart problem?

Life Line ScreeningStrokes are the third most common cause of death in the Republic of Ireland. Yet in 80% of cases, there are no prior symptoms.

If you like to address possible health problems early, a quick, easy and painless package of medical screenings at €169 can help put your mind at ease. And, should any concerns be noted, you (and your doctor) can take preventive action now.

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Real Life Stories

real life stories

"I had not had any prior symptoms - I cannot recommend Life Line Screening highly enough"

Judith Rudham, Oxfordshire

real life stories"I have no hesitation in recommending to friends...I shall be eternally grateful to Life Line Screening, [they] have saved me."                 

                                        Sidney Larcombe.

What you can expect at your Health Check

Your health check will be quick, painless and you don't even have to remove any of your clothing.

You may have underlying symptoms that might point to you being at risk of blocked arteries, heart disease or even of suffering a serious stroke.  Yet, health screenings can take as little as 10 minutes of your time and a full package of tests, just over an hour.

Because we use ultrasound (similar to that used on pregnant women) – rather than CT scanning, your health scan will be completely harmless – as well as highly accurate.


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